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Anyone who has seen their home on one of INDOT's maps will tell you, "I hope they take my home if they build this thing."  It is those who are left with no reimbursement next to a new highway who are the real losers.  We construct this page for "the lucky ones" who are looking for information on....

Eminent Domain Issues:

Jerry Lehman owns land being taken for a new Terre Haute bypass.  He does not resent this use of his land, but forwards to us a living nightmare "negotiating" with INDOT for a fair value.  In February 2004, he wrote:

"In case anyone would like to know, here are the particulars on how INDOT has handled the purchase of my property so far.  I understand this is normal"  Read his letter here.

Charles Ramsden Jr is a family man concerned about being forced to move when he will be too old.  He had his life planned on his land.  He has never had a mortgage and has made improvements to his land that allow for a more healthy lifestyle with trails that he has built that will not be appreciated for their value to him.  He has thought through the tax, house hunting and moving costs for every likely buy out scenario. 

See a story published in the Linton Daily Citizen on August 22, 2005 here.

For over twelve years the possibility of his home being on the chosen route for I-69 was possible.  Now that it has been selected, he just wants INDOT to buy him out now, so he can move out of this state while he is still young enough to make the move.  Charles does not own a computer, he has found all of the links  that follow on this page at the public library.  His introduction to the link page he has provided us:

"I believe for each person that is impacted by I-69 it is important that a full understanding of their rights and the forces they will be subjected to is a good way to help either persons that are in favor of or opposed to I-69; and I believe research by the affected people will help them get the best possible value out of their property and help in assuring the best possible outcome if this wasteful project is undertaken."  

If you know anyone that I might be able to help with further information about these issues, feel free to have them contact me.  Thanks, Charles K Ramsden, Jr. (812) 863-4474

Charles has talked to anybody who will listen about his situation and his right to be bought out as a hardship, so his family can go on with their lives:

Regarding the Federal "hardship" provision, A call to the Governors office got INDOT to recognize that Charles knows what he is talking about and it would seem that they have hastily put together this policy:  Click here

Charles approached Mitch Daniels at the final primary debate.  Daniels put Charles in touch with the member of his staff that is doing the research on I-69 issues.  We find Mitch Daniels "creative funds" ideas for purchase of our homes very unsatisfactory!  Click here

COUNT US! director, John Smith, forwarded this strong warning as a request for human compassion and openness of process:

COUNT US! was formed with the intersts of effected landowners first and formost in our hearts and mind.  See the first public comment that announced the forming of this organization:

The US Supreme Court has opened new poweres of eminent domain that threatens any property that any entity can promise a higher tax return.  Mitch Daniels has announce I-69 may be funded in this way.

 Follow Google News coverage of Private Property VS Eminent Domain in Indiana here.

COUNT US! has some coverage of Daniels privatization of I-69 here.

I-69 land acquisition- rural.
 Federal Highway comments to INDOT about agricultural impact mitigation for I-69

Starting point for various subjects related to property rights.
Purchases/hardship buyouts (see section 14), relocation, settlements, etc.  
 Regarding the availability of hardship buyout before environmental finalization is found here also. - 14 SPECIALZED ACQUISITION FUNCTIONS - reference 23 cfr 710.

Hardship - Early Buy out
Appraisal Guide 

Land Evaluation 

Privatization (Giving up your land for others profit) 
A Google Search: public private transportation act (PPTA)

Real Estate Guide for Local Public Agency 

Route to Indiana Eminent Domain law - IC 32-24